It’s already Tuesday here in Singapore, so I shall post my Teutonic Tuesday post...!

Another model from the Rally Car Collection series, this is a 1/43 replica of Walter Röhrl’s 1985 Rallye Sanremo Audi Sport Quattro E2.

I won’t go too much into the history of the car and such, but I wanna praise this model for what it is. Not very pricey, yet the quality is decent. Tampos and paintjob is passable, and accuracy-wise, the car’s shape is well replicated. As you can also see below, I’ve shone some light into the interior to highlight the seatbelt decals they’ve thoughtfully included and also the dashboard detailing. Wonderful stuff! Usually models that come with these magazines are poorly and cheaply modelled but this is top class.


This is currently my favourite model purchase for 2016. Easily. Very pleased, and already I’m looking forward to the next few issues of this rally car collection. You can be sure I’ll share it with you guys!

Till next time, ciao!

Model display case comes with a photo of the real car. Behind the card is the specs of the rally vehicle. So cool!
I’m impressed by the level of quality invested into aligning the tampos correctly. Well done...
I’m amazed at the detailing of the dashboard! Look at all the individually painted switches!
Note the red seatbelt decals on the seats . Nice touch!