You wished to see more of the white turbocharged monster that is the Porsche 934.5 which Vdubyajohn showed yesterday right? I wish the same too.

I sadly still on the lookout for it but I know eventually one of these days I’ll find it. For now though, it’ll have to be this.

As many of you know, I adored the McLaren Mercedes SLR, my very first post on LaLD was about this half German half English exotic which makes me part of the 2% of weird car people that loved it while the rest hated it and called it “Pinocchio” for it’s F1 inspired front nose. I loved it’s idea of competitive performance to other supercars at the time with the luxury standard you expect from a proper Mercedes in one harmonious package. Towards the end of this car’s life cycle, Mercedes decided to jack it up a bit with the 722 Edition a meaner more powerful limited edition to commemorate the Mille Miglia race that dropped the green flag at 7:22 am with power cranked up to 650 hp and more aggressive anesthetic components to look the part.


I was absolutely giddy when Matchbox resurrected the SLR casting and grabbed a few extra once I saw them pop up on store shelves. Since there are now plenty to go around, I don’t feel guilty to grab one of my extras to become my guinea pig and attempt to make my own 722 Edition SLR.

It wasn’t an easy transformation especially the lights but I’ve had tackled more challenging light designs before so it’s less miserable. I displayed my hatred toward chrome lipped wheels on so many occasions here but the 722 Edition did came with specially designed wheels with chrome lip and black center so I’ll give it an one-time exception. The only thing missing is the slightly larger carbon fiber front splitter which is a very minor concern to me since you have to stare for a couple seconds to realize the difference.

Overall, I’m proud of the end result and a teaser for my next post