Here’s another Siku model, the C3 Audi 100 Avant. And another car that I am somewhat familiar with - as my father owned two C3 Audis, though they were sedans. He switched to Audi after a bad experience with a Peugeot 604 when he decided to go for German quality over French comfort.

His first one was a white 5E sedan, with the usual Audi 2.2 litre 5 cylinder engine. While it proved to be a really comfortable and reliable machine, it did lack a bit in power. So he sold that one and got himself an almost identical looking 100 CS turbo sedan. He had all the badges removed - I think he tried to fool my mother about having bought a new car... No, that didn’t work.

That thing was a beauty to drive - the engine was the same turbo unit as in the 200 - and it had those nice looking Ronal mag wheels. I loved taking that one for spin when I could.

It’s hard to imagine how radical this car looked when it first hit the market in 1982 - the sedan was quite reminiscent of the NSU Ro80 - which was even more radical for its day. Ford paid Audi the compliment of copying the design wholesale for the first Ford Taurus...

The C3 became somewhat infamous in the USA with the “unintended acceleration” scandal. I never believed that there was any problem with the cars. They did have much smaller pedals than equivalent American or Australian cars, and I think people just hit the wrong ones and panicked. But this caused millions of cars all over the place being fitted with devices that make it impossible to shift out of “Park” without having a foot on the brakes. Whatever...


It was also made famous by a commercial. No trickery was used in making this clip - the car really managed to do this. I always wanted to see the driver backing down as well, that must have been fun!

I haven’t seen one of these in ages - but I have nothing but happy memories of them.