Yesterday Craig shared with us we did a little iHWEP. And I waited to share what he all sent me as it is mainly Teutonic. And lord did Craig deliver. He didn’t make me just one custom, but two. But more on that later, let us see first what kind of “normal” stuff he sent.

First of all: It never is normal with Craig, in a more than good way! The package contained several sub-packages, all decorated Oesterling style. It was one big joyful event unwrapping these, I had so much fun! So: here we go.

The Stingray package.
Cobra/BMW package. No bird inside.
Some more...
Some cars: Escort RS Cosworth, Statos and Chaparral!
Some Porsches, part 1
Some Porsches, part 2. And one of ‘m ain’t a Porsche. Obviously.

All high on my wishlist. But the best, of course, were those two customs Craig made for me. And he didn’t just create awesome little cars. He added a card in style as well!

Guaranteed. FOR LIFE!

The glue of the blister let go due to the cold during it’s trip but that will be fixed. And when I’ve got that fixed the car still can be taken out of it due to the little flaps Craig created in the card-part behind the blister. Clever work Craig!

So what was the other one? Well, he customized another love baby of mine, the red 911 GT3 RS (also with a “flapped” card). Into this:

And it’s great. Craig must have some sort of built-in steady-hand lokking at those little black painted details. Amazing. Want to see more? Just scroll down...

Craig also does the interiors, I didn’t get them apart though. Yet. Luckily Craig already sent me a picture of the interior.

Picture courtesy of Craig Oesterling. Photo “work in progress” style.

But wait, didn’t I already have a 356 custom Outlaw by VDH Customs? Yep. And no coincidence: they look a bit alike as input was given a bit and these are totally on par with my ultimate 356!

Enough is enough? Not nearly! And the interior of the 911 is showing it self a bit here...

Will it end here? Well, VDH is just finishing up a last 356 for my brother in return for the VDH Customs logo he made for ‘m. So that one will be shown, hopefully in a week or two. And than I’ll be passed on, leider.

So, das war es wieder. Sorry for the overload of pictures, I just had so much fun playing with these and shooting ‘m. Thanks Craig for the amazing trade, X-Mas evening sure came early this year for me!