Tomica’s latest TLV Porsche 911S sure is great and a lot of us seem to have gotten it. We’ve all seen those recent posts on it. I got it as well and it’s my second TLV 911S, as I did get the yellow one over two years ago. What I don’t get however, is why those Minichamps64s in fact never really catched on.

The TLV is what, 20 euros? Those Minichamps, eventually, could be had for 5 euros. So demand wasn’t TLV-esque so to speak. And that I really don’t get.

Anyone who ever saw Craig Oesterling’s shots on the Alfa 8C knows how incredible these Minichamps64s are. The TLV comes in a box which I prefer over any card, the Minichamps64 however came with a box, base and acrylic case. It misses that artwork though.

Too bad Minichamps only made recent road 911s which makes a compare a bit hard. The TLV seems to be missing it’s mirrors and it seems to have the big rings aroung it’s headlights which was, I think, US-spec only in the early ‘70's. The box however shows the smaller, Euro ones.

Could be for production reasons, but this really is nitpicking. As the Minichamps has some similar problems. Like those painted blinkers whereas the TLV has real amber glass blinkers up front. And the TLV has the more accurate (in size) Porsche logo on it’s nose.

Scripting on the back both companies seem to handle great. The TLV wins when it comes to the grille as there obviously ain’t no airslots or paint imitating it on the Minichamps64. The exhausts of the Minichamps64 appear to be more realistic then the black stub on the TLV.

So yes: I’m truly disappointed for Minichamps not continuing their 1/64 line up. Over the years I’ve sent a few to some of you in my iHWEPs so I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Luckily Schuco seems to expand their 1/64 line up, even improving their casts. I’ve never seen a better looking Defender in 1/64 than their’s.

The Schuco 1/64s however don’t seem to end up in discount bins yet so maybe it was just Minichamps’ timing that failed a bit.

Whatever it is: I’m glad I got the ones I really wanted. I even got the Cayenne, a car I normally never would have gotten. CK’s dumped those for 2.50 euros though at one moment so that was a no-brainer.

So that’s it for today. Porsche again. Sorry. I’m a bit out of words for what happened in Manchester yesterday anyway. So you all take care, where ever you are!


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