It’s still Tuesday in my time zone. Stuck home with a fever, perfect, custom time. Actually, this guy has been in the works for sometime. Originally I was going to build a Jagermeister Kremer K3 but decided to build a 935/77 after seeing a black Interscope example. This build emulates my idea of what a sinister looking street version less race decals would be like.

I won’t go in to too much background on the 935 as its been explored here by others in the past. The 934/935 is one of the greatest platform to come from Porsche, it’s evolution in both factory and privateer hands would see at least a half dozen variations before retirement. It’s performance numbers by the end of it’s era were mind boggling even by todays standards given the technology of the day.

This custom is the product of melting two Hot Wheels casts together as seemlessly as possible to make it look like the cast came from the factory. The donors of course we’re the 935/78 “Moby Dick” and the recent 934.5 release. The nose and lower rocker panels were cut from both casts at the A pillars and swapped. The nose from the 935 was filed down for a period non aero look. The base is a hybrid of the 935 front and 934 rear fused together.

The interior and glass were carried over from the 934 cast with a few modifications before detailing. Rims and tires came courtesy of a Ford GT race car with detailing to the wheels because gold center BBSs on a black German car are a winning combo in my book. The paint is black lacquer with a lacquer clear coat to make it look extra shiny. I tried to attempt adding driving lights to the front bumper though they are recessed on the real thing, execution probably could have been better.

Hope you enjoy this newest creation!