I tell you hwhat. So there I was, minding my own business, getting some allergy medication, when suddenly I was accosted... ACCOSTED I tell you, by these 1:24 German ne’er do wells. They brazenly rolled up to my feet when I was mere feet from the checkout counter, pinning me in place until I was forced to take them home. Punks. Not to be trusted, Ze Germans. Very sneaky.

The Type 2 is a doppelganger of the red 1:43ish fire bus I shared awhile back, and the Turbo, well, it’s a silver Porsche Turbo. Can’t not have that. For $8-9 after the discount, these Welly models just kill it. The 930 does have a couple of small blemishes that I need to rectify, but it’s little stuff.

Additionally, they did had two each of the 1:39ish white 2.7RS and green 930 pull-backs (pictured below), if anyone wants one I can go back for HWEP bait.