The Porsche 928S was a first for me on many accounts in real life. My first Porsche, bought for 2k euros many moons ago. My first road-legal RWD/dogleg car (at that moment I still was working on getting the FIAT Dino road legal). And the first car I ever took to the Nordschleife...

It was the first car that made all too clear expensive car to run exist. Man was it cheap acquiring. Man was it expensive on parts. And fuel. It had an almost 100 liter fuel tank. Getting to the Ring was a quarter of a tank, not that bad when you know it was an easy trip of about just over 200kms. One lap on the Ring however, 20.8 kms, was another quarter of a tank...

That’s a staggering 1 liter each kilometer! That first lap on the Ring I’ll never forget though. Not due to that fuel consumption but good lord it is a mythical place. And that 928S really was some sort of a hero to me. The ease it was capable of driving flat out, never missing a beat and never ever giving me the idea I was doing something stupid was all that was needed.

I was visiting the Ring with a somewhat experienced Norschleife-adept. He was driving up front in his tweaked 2nd gen Toyota MR2 and I could follow his lead, using the torque and sheer power of the 928 to catch up if I misjudged a corner a bit. But lap two definitely separated the men from boys: The brakes on the MR2 needed to cool down a bit so my friend slowed down to the right and waved his arm out of the window to let me know I should pass on the left.

So I was out on my own. And warped back into reality instantly. I saw all kinds of cars gaining in the rear-view mirror, most of ‘m old Opel Astras with roll cages, probably local heroes. And I thought to do just the same as I did with that Dutch MR2: don’t bother with the corners, just try to get a decent exit-speed and floor it. Well... My decent exit speed seemed to be not nearly half of what those Astras - with undoubted more experienced drivers at the helm - were capable of.

And after three of such take-overs in a few corners I acknowledged my defeat. Turned on the AC again (it was getting quite hot in that cabin!). Just stuck it in 3rd and let the torque do all the work. Excellent cars, these 928S’s. And excellent cruisers for the way home.

No need to tell that the 928 in general failed to do what Porsche had intended to do with it: replacing the 911. That story is well known over here I assume. So we can focus on the model itself: A Minichamps 1/43.

I only have 2 issues with it: the unpainted lugs of the wheels and the exhaust. Those pipes are too small, too far apart from each other, the incorrect angle and misses the heatshield that’s supposed to be on top of those. On thing Minichamps did replicate amazing: PASHA!

That’s right, that psychedelic upholstery from the early ‘80's...

The other 928 you see tagging along is a 1/64 Kyosho 928S4. Not my favorite Kyosho 1/64 as it is way too “bulky”. Those foglights/blinkers up front are clearly painted on. The profile however is not to be mistaken though.

And that dark blue is terribly hard, to me, to capture. So that one probably won’t last in my collection.

So, das war es wieder. I’m definitely glad to have this Minichamps, although my 1:1 had a different color: Granat Rot. Which didn’t have much reflection left anymore when I sold it to get my 911. Only one thing left to share with you and that’s the connection between the 928 and the AMC Pacer: There really is one. But someone else already did a great write up on that, definitely worth reading!