Another 928. And another somewhat vintage MBX Superfast. And one of MustangFan’s favorites. Got it last weekend as well, along with the Alfa SZs. So nice to put it next to the Kyosho 1/64 that’s about the same size. And a few decades newer.

That blue one is an S4 though as the golden MBX is the first iteration of the 928. The purest form of the unsuccessful 911 successor. And, if you ask me, the slightly smaller Kyosho (probably true 1/64 whereas the MBX just had to fit in a one size box) doesn’t come near the quality of the MBX.

Sure it’s beaten up but it still rolls, it’s door still open and close decent, totally impressive for a car that must have been driven for over a million miles. For nearly 4 decades.

Okay, that driver’s side door (yes: RHD!) might close up somewhat too much. But it’s probably 40 years old so I can live with that. Or should I try to recreate my 1:1? Anyway: whereas the Kyosho simply uses the iconic form and profile of the 928 to recreate a miniature edition of it, MBX nailed it’s proportions and details to the bone. It’s that simple if you’d ask me.

It even seems to be a doglegged Manuèl so what’s not to love about this one. My 1:1 was a 928S in Granat Rot, here’s an example how it looked (not the actual car):

A short post from me this Teutonic Tuesday as it’s already the 3rd day in a row I’m posting anyway, that rarely happens (thanks again shopteacher!). No more 928s for me next couple of weeks as I simply don’t have any others. Yet.