Happy 4th of July to all you Americans. I have little American stuff to show but as I still had Fintail’s package laying around: that came from the USA so it’s relevant. Totally.

Last week I mentioned I loved the 930 of the Matchbox Porsche set the most but the 944 in it is a proper backup. The 959 truly shows it was crafted in another era of diecast production though.

I didn’t have much time for a proper shoot (or editing) either as I went to see Ben Coombs yesterday. He’s driving from the most northern Pub in Norway to the most southern one in Patagonia (boat trip from UK to New York) in his... TVR Chimeara! If you’re interested in his trip look for the appropriate social medias: facebook, drivetribe, instagram, I’m sure he’s on others as well.

And the 944 had a link to Ben as well I suppose as he did his African Porsche Expedition in one. Not a Turbo, but still.

These old casts are no match for those dioramas of mine when I look at the pictures a bit. But I’m very glad with these trips down memory lane anyway!

So vielen Dank Herr Heckflosse! Und Hals und Beinbruch Ben! Tschüss!