The Love Bug. According to Wikipedia Herbie the Love Bug is a “sentient anthropomorphic 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, a character that is featured in several Walt Disney motion pictures starting with the 1968 feature film The Love Bug.” So it’s a car that actually lives. And it still lives on.

Not just for the gazillion movies made on it, with the latest about 10 years (Herbie: Fully Loaded) ago with a still somewhat innocent Lindsay Lohan. I think. Nope. The diecast world had made quite some casts of it as well over the years.

The latest I ran into was this 3" Norev. And I usually am quite excited about the wheels Norev uses but this time I feel a bit let-down. Sure, it’s a decent VW hub cab, tad too chromed. But Herbie was equiped with steelies without ‘m, right? Maybe a center cap but certainly not just chrome.

And the paint on the taillights might be a tad too “fat”, otherwise it’s all good to me, especially for the 4 euros I paid.

Sorry, had no real Beetles laying around...

Okay, that circle of the racing number should be completely white.

Furthermore there’s nothing from keeping me happy with this one. Well, maybe it’s about time Disney got another movie out with Herbie as there has been one in the ‘60's, two in the ‘70's, one in the ‘80's, and so one. But not in the 2010's...

And maybe it was a sign from above to finally get that HotWheels Elite in 1/43 that has been calling me for years now. I’m even tempted to get the 1/18!

And that’s it for today. House is filled with kids enjoying their last week of holiday so not much time to do the real important stuff.