I know we had 356 day only a couple of months ago but let’s make this Teutonic Tuesday one about Outlaws at least. Why? Because Scott (SN210) told us last week that the LaLD instagram account was being followed by none other than Mr. Outlaw himself: Magnus Walker.

It’s just that I so much hate shooting black cars. Well, hate... They’re hard to capture decently. So why don’t I invite some of it’s friends?

And I’m sure mr. Walker has some sort of Social Media team/employee to take care of his accounts but still: We did a good thing over here getting “him” to follow us.

We all know a lot of Outlaws, one of HW’s best casts in recent history if you ask me, ended up in our hands. Being modified or not. I’m still very lucky two have these two customs by craig-oesterling and Philipilihp, thanks again dudes!

So get ‘m out today and make this day a festival of exile, banishment and Outlawry.