There you go: Another upmarket 1/64. Premium if you want. And I don’t know how they ended up doing all kinds of Volkswagens because the brand is all but German: Solido.

And although I’m not always that impressed with Solido’s 1/43 casts, they actually started out pretty good back in the days, mostly in the 1/43 scale. One of the few to use decent plastic to create the head and tail lights. Certainly one of the few to recreate the actual wheels of the 1:1's.

And Solido’s focus clearly changed a bit. From being a toy to a collector’s piece. Probably because they couldn’t cope with the usual low-cost toy-market anyway. It’s part of the Simba Dickey group (after Solido was taken over by Majorette which in return was bought by Smoby) nowadays. You might know te Simba Dickey Group for one of their other brands: Schuco.

And I have no idea if Schuco’s entrance into the 1/64 market recently made Solido picking this up as well. Or if it’s some deal they made with VW as it’s only Volkswagens I ran into. From this lovely Typ 14 Karmann Ghia to a white 1st gen Golf GTI to an orange Nardo W12 Coupé.

And I love these. Quality is great. Details are awesome. Just look at the appropriate script on that deck lid. Or the VW logo on it’s nose. Or those wipers. Just that packaging...

I do like the fact it’s on a base, I do like the fact it comes in a box. But the artwork is something I’d expect on a card, not on a box. Just too frivolous.

And after yesterday’s 4th of July that’s it for today’s Teutonic Tuesday, for me. Just wanted to share this new 1/64 (new to me at least) with all of you. You’ve all known the Karmann Ghia for ages now, no need to give a lecture on that. Vielen dank und... Tschüss!!!