This is a 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo. About as iconic as they come, hailed by some as the GTR of its day, featuring a rear mounted 3.3L flat six turbo charged engine producing around 300HP. It had an intercooler, significant turbo lag, demanded attention at all times, but was fast as all hell.

This one is made by Johnny Lightning for 2003, and represents my first encounter with the brand. I’m very impressed! It’s a nice casting, proportions seem good, paint is nice, tampos are excellent, the rear deck opens, revealing an engine, and the interior has pretty decent detail! The only detriment for me so far is that the sunroof is a tampo and not molded into the roof.

I had been eyeing this car for a while and finally pulled the ebay trigger last week, and it arrived right in time for Teutonic Tuesday! A DLM was of course in order right away, and it came to work with me to take a few outdoor shots in the stiffling heat.