In the 1960s, Ford of Germany still was allowed to go their own way in terms of design and technology of their cars. In the UK, Fords looked very different. And from 1957 to 1960, the Ford Taunus (named after a region of hilly forests near Frankfurt) looked like a scaled down American Ford Crown Victoria. Have a look what that looked like. But in 1960, Ford introduced a more streamlined and less “baroque” look - “Die Linie der Vernunft” - the Line of Reason.

However, some people thought the look of the car reminded them of a bathtub - or in German, “Badewanne”, and this became the nickname of the car to this day.

In Engineering terms however, the car remained bog standard for a European mid-size sedan of the day. Front engines, rear wheel drive, four-cylinder engines with 1500cc, 1700cc or 1800cc with an output between 55PS and 75PS. That was about as middle-of-the-road as it got in the 196s.

If you wanted anything bigger or fancier, you had to go elsewhere. This car was the biggest and fastest thing Ford of Germany could sell you at the time.

Ford had for years played second fiddle to the ever popular Opel models, but this car helped them close the gap. Nearly 670,000 rolled off the production line at the Cologne plant over 4 years. That was enough to push t


he Taunus into third position on the German sales charts - behind the Beetle and its main rival, the Opel Rekord. The “Taunus” name continued until 1982, when it was replaced by the Sierra - which finally synchronized the names between Ford UK and Germany. By the way, both the Sierra and this Taunus were designed by the same person - Uwe Bahnsen, who designed most German Fords in between as well.

And as you might have guessed already, this is another Atlas Dinky recreation. As we are looking at a German Police car here, the box is printed in German as well. It promises “direction control” (aka “steering”), suspension, windows and an interior. In 1960, all of these things were new to the diecast market. Just like early Matchbox, previous Dinky models didn’t have any of those things.