I adored the SLS. But when Mercedes-Benz announced their AMG GT I was excited: Endlich a car that was a true competitor to the Porsche 911. The SLS, the first car entirely developed by AMG (this AMG GT is the second one) was way more expensive than a Porker.

Way more? Over here twice as expensive. It did come with a huge 6.2 V8 engine delivering almost 600hp, and being naturally aspirated it wasn’t all that efficient, leading to heavy (CO) taxing over here so I don’t know if this was the case in the USA for example.

The AMG GT however, with it’s “tiny” turbocharged M178DE40AL 4.0 V8, is “only” 30k more expensive over here compared to the base 911. Which has less power to begin with. Adding a few options will get that price on the same level as well.

And I’ll have to admit: This AMG GT is the first German, as a matter of fact probably only sportscar at all that will get me from my insoluble love for the 911. I had ordered the Tomica but when Opponaut and LNA authority Jonee visited me and came of with this yellow HW RAOK I was as happy as a 5 year old on Christmas eve.

Sure the Tomica is nice and it’s the GT R with it’s way more classy grille but I feel the HW nailed proportions better. The star-badge in front of the hood is a bit odd aligned, position of the headlight-tampos could be better but all in all the HW draws all my attention.

Damned I need to fix that lightbox!

That and the fact it came from a great friend makes it the winner for me here. Sorry.

Sure it’s quality is unheard of with crisp lines. It even has opening doors but those bug me anyway with these kind of scales. And those shopping cart wheels...

I even love the wheels used on the HW! Seem to fit it perfectly actually.

I just don’t know if I would get my 1:1 in yellow. Certainly not in green. There’s one in my neighborhood in grey that I truly adore, those who “know” me on Instagram might recognize this one.

Come out to play!

Und das war es wieder. Viel Spass am Deutschland Dienstag, and all my respects to Daimler AG for finally understanding what the world needs!