This cast would have to be one of the best that I have in my collection and also my only Minichamp model. Before my time here I didn’t really pay attention to the maker of a cast, I just acquired them based on the subject, anything Volkswagen/Porsche pretty much! As a result I have a haphazard collection of many scales and makes. So when I picked this one out of the cabinet a couple of weeks ago I was pleased to see I did in fact own a Minichamp cast! WooHooo! I’ve seen a few casts from this maker posted here and they always impress me with the accuracy of the cast and many details that have been faithfully reproduced.

I’ve had this for way longer than I remember but what I do know is that it’s the first time it’s ever been exposed to air this century. I had never removed the fish tank from the base of the display case before now, it’s was so clean! Once I did that I went the full monty and removed the retaining screw! DLM! Oh it felt so sweet to hold it in my hand and... Oh wait, where was I... *clears throat*. It’s now safely back in the tank. Scale is 1:43. More information linked below for those unfamiliar with the Karmann Ghia.

One thing I discovered was the base is made to fit perfectly on the top of the clear part of the case. Nice touch Minichamp people.

Those hubcaps!

Teu Teutonic ragtops, both from the Karmann factory.

Time for a quick road trip, see you later.

The link to the Wikipedia page for the Karmann Ghia below,

.YI YI YI, Not Carmen Miranda! Karmann Ghia!

OH! So sorry about that, here’s the Karmann Ghia link;…