Mini-mini. This is one of the smallest in my collection. I mainly do 1/43. Sometimes 1/64. But the one you see here is H0 train scale. So tiny 1/87. And for scale this means:

I only have two H0’s IIRC. This wagon you all recognize as the Mercedes-Benz W212 Touring, or rather the S212. There’s not much info on car and box so the only conclusion I can draw it’s not an AMG S212 and that it’s built between 2009 and 2012 as it’s not the facelifted model.

Well, maybe those two exhaust pipes try to tell us it’s not the base-version but one with a bigger engine. I’m not sure though, after the W124 the E-Klasse has somewhat lost my interest.

If I ever need a taxi or car to move stuff, this one is King though I believe. But is it my tiniest diecast? Nope. As I’ve got another H0. From the Daimler concern as well.

That’s right. A Smart.

A For-Two so really the smallest from Daimler. And to show it’s tiny-ness, again for scale next to a very small screwdriver:

I got these two Daimler OEM (produced by Busch) in a lot with some other German cars (1/43) and it’s nice to see what companies can come-up with in this scale (look at that tiny hood-ornament on the S212!). But no: these probably are not going to last in my collection.

I really love the fact that ForTwo is so incredibly small but with this size I can’t put it on display or anything anyway.

And last but not least: I have next to nothing with these in 1:1 either. There’s only one Smart I’d like to try and I’ve got a Minichamps 1/43 of that one. And yes: that one will be featuring one of my future Teutonic Tuesdays. If anyone’s interested that is.

Das Ende is nahe. Zeigen Sie mir Ihre kleinsten Maßstab. Oder Ihre größte. Solange es Teutonisch ist, ist es mir Egal! Ich wünsche dir (Insbesondere Sanjay Madhav!) einen schönen Tag!