First of all THANK YOU PLASTICPRINTS for making this comparison happen in the first place. Thanks to you I finally know what it feels like to own a TLV.

And obviously, after getting over the shock of finding this bad boy in the mail, I needed to immediately compare the Spark Porsche 901 to the TLV Porsche 911 of the same generation. So let’s put them next to eachother and take a look.

I forgot to take a photo of the Spark in its box, but here is a photo from the interwebz. And above is the TLV.

The Tomica has a definite edge on packaging, but there is something to be said for Spark’s compact offering.

The Tomica also has the edge in general heft. The castings are both really good and on point as far as proportions and detailing goes, but the Tomica is slightly cleaner in the small things like decals (That GIANT Porsche badge on the Spark is very remeniscent of the old Matchbox Ferrari F40 badge that took up the entire hood!), lights, and the wheels. Rubber tires make the TLV roll a little nicer and feel more real.

I loooove the color on the Spark. Irischgrün (Irish green) is a badass color that would work on a lot of classic metal. I’m not in love with the khaki on the TLV, but the fact that this is the exact replica of the 50th anniversary 911 that made its way across the world is insanely cool! Just look at those flags! So perfect.

No idea how that scratch happened on the Spark 901's door...

Overall the TLV is clearly the higher quality product. Spark does better work in 1:43. And I can now attest this first hand, as I got my first Spark 1:43 in the mail last Friday. What that is, however, will get revealed in 39 days. Can’t wait!!


This will not be my last TLV. There is just something great about a high-quality model that looks amazing and rolls for some added playability! Thanks again, Plasticprints, for opening the door into this crazy world of TLV!