Last month I completed this pair of Tomica Porsches 911 (991) for Ziggurat Stardust as a birthday present for his father. They are meant to mimic his Lava Orange 1:1.

They are pretty much identical, save for the tail lights, where I took two different approaches to the smoked lenses, one with more detail but I couldn’t decide which I liked better.

The only other difference is in the choice of wheels. One has split 5-spoke plastic wheels that more closely resemble the 1:1, and the other has the Eurostyle Real Rider mesh wheels because they just look excellent on it.


I didn’t do any kind of modifications to the body, as it’s a great casting with lots of detail, but I did correct the ride height and I think they sit perfectly now. Thankfully Tomica makes it easy to do ride height adjustments thanks to their springy suspension! Just a few splints under the axle and you’re good to go.

These were probably my best clearcoat work, which I’m very happy with! I was a little worried, because the only color I could find that was even close to Lava Orange was a brickish red from Rustoleum that was unfortunately matte finish. But a few coats of clear later they look nice and wet.


Hopefully Ziggurat Stardust Sr. will enjoy these little desk companions for a long time and make vroom noises with them at work.