A few weeks ago I teased you with a group shot of 1/64 (ish) Porsche cars I found in a cardboard box. So here is part 1 of a more detailed showcase.

Starting off are two MBX 911 with varying degrees of wear. I actually have two of each, but they all look similar.

For the most part I have no idea where I got these from since they are older than me. I am guessing my brother owned a few before me, but since I am from the eastern part of Germany those were hard to come by back in the day. Relatives from the west must have send them over as gifts.

Coke edition Siku 911 Turbo. My fav of the cars displayed here.

An obvious combo

The next one has to be one of my least favourite cars. It’s clearly of a younger vintage and most certainly bought by myself. That horrible paint job though...

Much better in the companie of the Turbo.

The ending of todays outing marks a rather curious 959.

I hope you enjoyed these. Stay tuned for part 2.

Cheers from Germany