After three days of Automotive awesomeness, topped with delivering a French car for shipping to the US, it’s time to slowly get ready for autumn. And concentrate a bit on getting the 1:1s ready for winter and enjoy the smaller scales a bit more.

The reason I love this (and the Oppo) community is the amazing people you meet. And not just online as the French car is going to Opponaut Jonee who actually came over to get his newly acquired car to the port of Zeebrugge with me. But also online as Small Scale Sydney proves by informing me when great stuff appears online. Like this Tomica set with... Porsches. What else. Well, maybe that Konami Pao would be nice ;-)

It consists of two 356A convertibles and two 911S’s. I tried to recreate the shot in the dark above a bit but failed miserably. I’ll leave that to Wanclick.

I don’t know much about this set other than that I love it. The headlights on the 911S’s are a bit odd on the downward outsides, there’s some sort of mold line there I think. And those headlights don’t really allign with the body somehow, they’re hanging a bit low/are too small to fill the entire hole.

The 356A seems to be lacking that issue. It’s badges are amazing for these small casts. As are those wheels with the appropriate hubcaps. And the single grille on the back with the 356A (Philipilihp!!!!).

But the Fuchses on the 911S are great as well actually. Sure there’s no real bolt pattern visible but still a lot of other diecast companies can learn a thing or two here.

Lovely set nevertheless, not just because there’s a white 911 in it. I’m glad Small Scale Sydney pinpointed me in the right direction for it. So again SSS: Grazie Mille, vielen dank, merci!

And that’s it for today, and thank you all for being this amazing on/off line community!