Have another one… white Porsche that is.

I’ve waited and traveled long enough to have it in my hand and also waited long enough to post about it. My patience has run out :P

What do you get when you take the already fast Porsche 934 and fused some elements from the ridiculously fast 935 famously known as “Moby Dick” for its extreme aero modification? You get the 934.5.

It fills the gap between the two race cars by reusing the existing chassis and firepower of the 934 but give it aero and handling upgrades such as the wider tires, extreme rear wheel arch, and the infamous dinner table sized rear spoiler from the Le Mans winning 935. This quick and yet clever mashup of taking the best of 2 cars and put it into one got the 934.5 immediately banned from the IMSA competition. In a quick decision, teams with the 10 only factory built 934.5s switched to compete in the SCCA Trans-Am series with great success winning 6 of the 8 races in the 1977 season.

The HW example that I dubbed it “Little Moby” is excellent with proportion mirrors the 934 Turbo RSR they introduced 2 years ago which is a sigh of relief since there were multiple occasions that HW made two different versions of the same car but the proportion is so out of whack it looks cartoonish.

Sadly the example I got have a slightly misalign tampo for the nose of the car but luckily my detail job was able to compensate for the error.

Oh Vdubyajohn, did you finally guessed which F&F car came home with me?

Hey! Since when did I allow this many Beetles in the garage!?!?!

That is all for Teutonic Tuesday from me, I finally got to check this car off my list after nearly a month of searching. Catch you all next time. Cheers.