My man Witheredcustomz and I are in the middle of a custom-for-custom trade, and his end came in on Friday. There was a TON of amazing RAOK stuff in the box that I will share later, but here are the two customs, because they are insane.

Porsche 934 RSR Turbo

This one, or rather this color, was the incentive for the trade. He posted something on Instagram with this smoky black color and it just looked so good I had to have one. And in real life it’s a really cool color. It’s black, but also a bit brown, and smokey, and really intriguing to look at in different lighting.

Execution is phenomenal. The paint is smooth and shiny, there is a green roll cage and interior detailing, and some awesome custom wheels. And of course a big ole custom exhaust out back.

Porsche 356 Outlaw

Look at that color!! Goes so well with the gold wheels. The stance is perfect, too! Details all around, as witheredcustomz is wont to do, it’s perfection.

Thanks again, man! Your end will be done soon as well, I just hope you’ll love them as much as I love these two.