This is my second post about the Trabi so if you want to catch up your knowledge on Trabant in general just check my first one. This one however is the Kommi-Kleinlaster pur sang: the Trabant 601 Universal.

Giving it an extended roof the VEB Sachsenring company really created a massive car to haul stuff in. As long as it wasn’t too much. Because no further changes were made, still the 2020mm wheelbase, still that breathless 594cc 2 stroke parallel twin.

The normal 601 had a luggage space of 52 cms height (by 135cm width and 85cm depth) but this little Kleinlaster doubled that easily, especially with it’s Rückenlehne nach vorne geklappt. It was available as a panel-van as well, no need to fold your back seat in that one.

For a staggering amount of Dutch guilders the wagon could be bought: Not even 4000 guilders. That’s less then 2k in Euros. We’re talking in 1965 money though. A time in which an Opel Kadett Caravan was way more expensive (over 5000 guilders) but easily outsold the Trabant. Everywhere.

Except for one small communist European country: die DDR. Because it practically was the only thing you could get.

The model is a 1/43 from Magazine Models, available for about 5 euros. If I remember it correct is was from a series of “Polish cars” so it must have been available in Poland as well.

It does roll and I would love to do panning shots of this one but there is one thing keeping me from doing so: it needs smoke. Fat, blue, oily smoke.

So if anyone knows a way to add that by photoshop or app, please tell me. Das war es wieder für heute, viel spass und bis... Freitag.