With some awesome HWEPs, I was able to acquire all of the porsche series (and have quite a few extras for some future customs!) and yesterday decided to set them all free. I have to say they did a good job on most of the tampos and the small details are really nice. The Carrera GT could have used some headlights and the 959 would have looked better in a different color, but overall everything was done quite well.

Wonderful little details on the side of the 917k. I am guessing this one is going to be seen alot for customizers on the interwebz.

You can’t not like the 935/78. Nice nod to martini even if it isn’t spot on.

Probably the crown jewel of this series. Excellent tampos and details all around for the 914/6

Again, the 959 could have kicked it up a notch for me. I’ll try to kick it up and make a rothmans version ;)

993 GT2 is always a looker. No exception with this one.

I don’t mind the paint, but man they really needed to throw on headlight/taillight tampos

The boxster speedster looks a bit chunky, but it’s really nice all around.

The 918 is excellent. I like the metalflake on here.