I was gonna show more McLaren F1 GTR since, afterall, the engine is Teutonic. But lest you guys get tired of it too quickly, here are some other things I’m working on.

The pair of Porsches have been (mostly) detailed. Now I just need to add race weathering to one of them and they’ll be good to go. I have to say, I still love detailing these little 356s. I really should do more of them!

Tomica 997 Carrera is almost there! This is a recreation of photographic genius Ziggurat Stardust’s dad’s 1:1. This is the closest I could find to Lava Orange, but I dig the color a lot!


The wheels will lose the chrome lip, it’ll get a black roof, and some side markers, and shiny clear coat to turn it shiny.

I tweaked the stock Tomica stance a little, since it was riding a tad high, but nothing a thin piece of styrene in between the axle and the body could’t fix! And Tomica’s spring suspension keeps it all nicely in place. I’m so in love with the stance!!

This is also one of a pair, the other will sit on the same wheels the mainline GT3 RS uses, but will otherwise be identical.

Finally, a small update on the 964 Targa. This is the first fitting of the rear window. I am using some clear plastic I cut out of the front of some toy packaging. Clearly it needs some adjustment, but I think we’re getting somewhere. The tape on top is just to protect the finish for now.

Tfritch, I tried the Corgi 911 Targa roof, but it’s way too wide to fit, sadly.

So that’s where we are! I’ll keep you guys abreast of any developments.