I received a package in the mail today, and it ties in nicely with Teutonic Tuesday. All my posts so far have been Teutonic, but never on a Tuesday. This listing was too good to pass up 9 Z3’s mint in boxes for £16 ($25). I put in a bid and won, which was lucky as when the listing ended I was in the middle of an exam, so I couldn’t of put in a counter bid if someone decided to bump me up.

First up we have a Matchbox Z3 with the original Walmart sticker. Look how cheap it was, especially crazy when you consider the prices today!

Hot wheels M Roadster. This is a really nice casting, metal body and base. I find it interesting how the Mattel Wheels script along the bottom is the same on the Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

Another M Roadster

Johnny Lightning Z3 James Bond version. We don’t get this brand in England and now I understand why you guys in the US love it so much. Metal base, rubber tires and opening bonnet. I DLM’d this one because I had two, but also because it looked absolutely beautiful

The same casting in another package. This has an all beige interior, whereas the previous has a black interior and beige hood.

This is a Corgi casting of Bond’s car. I’ve never seen this casting before. Its got full detail and rubber tires. The car spins in the packaging to reveal facts about the car and the film.

This Matchbox Z3 is absolutely beautiful, the green paint is amazing. One thing to note is that that the snowflake wheels have ‘Matchbox’ on the sides, so the wheels are very large, I’ve never seen the wheels like that before.

This is the star of the show, a mint in box Superfast. This is an amazing casting, and worth more then the cost of the cars as a whole. I’m so pleased to finally have one in my collection.

This is a casting of Bond’s Z3 sold as part of a promotion by Shell. I’ve actually got two of these, so I DLM’d the other.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day!