Last week TFritzl mögt 99 prozent des Wagenparks nicht showed another 02 and we agreed to make today another official Teutonic Two Thousands Twosday. He didn’t show an actual 2002 though and this one ain’t an official 2002 either.

Because, for some reason, BMW initially called it the 2000 Touring. Only after the ‘73 update, in which the sedan got the rectangular taillights and all got the black plastic grille instead of this chrome, the touring was renamed to 2002.

And this is the closest cast I can find matching my to be resurrected Neue Klasse. It is a Tii. It is a 2000 though (mine’s a 2002). And although both are orange, this one is Colorado Orange and mine is Inka Orange.

This year!!!! I so hope.

Colorado is somewhat “softer”, Inka is more of a signal orange. Oh, and the wheels will be different as I found some period correct Campagnolos. And those white rally lights will be replaced with yellow Marchals.

The model you see here is a Minichamps 1/43. And obviously it has a special place in my heart. And it will be shown again when the 1/1 will be ready. First I’ll have to do a shoot with another 1/1 and a cast though: my Daily Volvo from which I got an MBX in an iHWEP with Shopteacher last week.

And apart from a cameo by Minichamps’ 2002 Turbo there’s not much to tell I’m afraid. Well, that rear license plate seems to be falling off. And maybe a request: Just try to get out a Neue Klasse and show it today for Teutonic Two Thousand Twosday!