It should really be a Sixteen Oh Twosday, because this is the 2002's baby brother, the same car with a 1.6L M10. That makes this model sort of a combination of the 2002s I’ve had, as my first was a gray ‘68 1600-2, and the one I’ve had since ‘99 or so is a red ‘68 2002. Someday when I unearth it I’ll get some shots with this car.

The model is in 1/43 by DeAgostini, it’s a magazine blister-pack car. Better in detail than the Solido that’s a frequent flyer around here, but not as good as the last 2002 in my little series that’s coming up probably next week.  Sorry the pictures aren’t better, it was a bit of a rush to get something up today and I wasn’t about to miss two weeks straight.

This is about the color of mine now, a Corvette shade
This filter makes it closer to my car’s original shade, Granada Red
The roofline is a little low at the back