Do you feel like you’re being watched?

When I saw a post here about the new Mooneyes series from M2 already available in Walmart (since it is Walmart exclusive) I lose no time in trying to hunt for it. Since I collect 1/24 and the beetle is their new cast, this will be my first and a perfect size for me as M2 brings out the details in most of their castings (with some disappointment in between) and I felt (and hope) that this won’t disappoint.


Who said hunting this new series (6 variety with one chase) would be easy. Well maybe some of you but I went to several walmarts in our area and only a couple of stores carried it and the only thing available for both was this model. Luckily this was the one I was interested in besides the black Kombi. This will also be my first Mooneyes livery collection.

The Model:

M2 release this as a 1952 VW Beetle Deluxe Model S21.

Since our gearheads and restorers Matthew, Theodore and Boxster are currently busy with their Matchthebox garage business, they decided to let their employee Ken show us the features.

Nice old school steel wheels. Oh and this also has metal chassis and working steering. 

Ken seems to think that M2 has a winner using a well known old time favorite classic bug and giving it a nice Mooneyes yellow livery.