Mamma mia, a Fiat Nuova 500 as a Yellow Cab? A picolla auto indeed for a cab. You better have a small luggage with you or it goes on the roof!

Joking aside, I was excited when I found this vintage looking Fiat 500 to complement my 1:43.

Made by Welly, a Hong Kong based die cast manufacturer whose factories are based in mainland China, this 1/24 was found at a Rite Aid store at a very decent price. I wished it came with the original box but that would required purchasing online and it would almost double the cost including shipping.

For an inexpensive model, the detail is not bad as it comes with separate headlights, turn signal lights, chrome wipers and painted chrome taillights. The door handles are molded with the body.

The interior dashboard has some detail with separate colors on some area which is hard to photograph. A sticker is used on the speedometer.

My small complain is the taxi sign on top of a cloth sunroof? I’m not sure how it will hold it without placing holes on it which would probably leak when it rains.


Also the trunk which actually contains the motor does not open. On the positive side the motor would probably not look realistic anyway due to the price point.

Like every Taxi, it needs the usual routine maintenance to keep it in shape and the boys at Matchthebox garage are in awe of this unique cab.

Oops, I guess he forgot the engine is in the rear.

Fino a quando il mio prossimo blog, CIAO!