I think it was sometime during the summer that I mentioned about being patient when collecting. My point was proven today.

Just like many here on LaLD, I was searching high and low for the elusive Fugu Z. But after several trips coming back empty handed as well as school started up I stopped and reminded myself that when the time comes the Fugu Z will show up. Sure enough, while looking for the latest batch of Matchbox containing the Fiat 500x, I found my Fugu Z while Hot Wheels are on sale at Target for $0.89 to boost!

I finally understand why the Fugu Z was so hard to find, not just because the typical scalpers that took it all and flip for a higher price on Ebay, but also they were packed fewer than other mainlines. The peg I stumbled across today was full and recently stocked, so recent that the empty box was still on a dolly next to some boxes of Legos, out of the 72 cars in the box and out on the pegs, there were only 2 Fugu Zs.

But enough of Mattel’s miserable distribution system, time to put the Fugu Z in the spotlight.

As many already know, the Fugu Z was a project by Fast and Furious star Sung Kang who play Han in the franchise with a vision of transforming a once brown and sad looking 240Z into a track beast. It’s name Fugu is Japanese for the poisonous pufferfish which is a rare Japanese delicacy only special chefs with proper training and license can prepare it. One mistake in preparation can kill which is how Kang describe the Z when it comes to driving it on the track. Out with the old stock engine with only 150 horsepower and in with the RB26 engine essentially a GT-R engine except one small detail… the twin turbo has been ditched. Personally, if I was Kang, I would keep the twin turbo and maybe even upgrade it to make a real life cousin to the Devil Z.

Hot Wheels did a good job with this cast, it’s not too high, not too short, and also no large rear wheel syndrome like their last 240Z cast. The only concern would be quality control since most of them have chipped paint, crooked rear tampos, or both.

Face off
Snack anyone?

Oh, and about what I mentioned of there were only 2 Fugu Zs, I grabbed the other as well and it’s up for trade for anyone that still looking for one.

That marks my end of January JDM post, hope you all enjoy it, thanks for looking and see you next time.