That time of year has come once again. It’s time for a new EDC to be my companion on my daily endeavors which also means saying goodbye to the EDC Rampage.

But before giving it an honored sendoff, it’s a good time to share a little bit more about this little truck that can. Proudly wears the number 2.2 on the hood and as the license plate to tell the world the displacement of the mighty engine that lies underneath the hood. The EDC Rampage has gone through a lot in its life, the story started way back to my first ever EDC Series the EDC Vega went on a trip with me across the Pacific to my homeland of Taiwan while helping doing some overdue cleanup of my childhood home. In a dusty drawer was where the Rampage was discovered, I was surprised not just finding a lost diecast but one from the Real Riders series back in 1984. I didn’t even know they were sold in Taiwan since Hot Wheels still aren’t as popular today compare to the other diecast offerings available let alone back over 30 years ago.

The little pick-up looked pretty much like it is now when I pulled it out of the drawer with approximately over 2/3 of the paint already chipped away except it was slightly dustier on the interior. The EDC Rampage had a mysterious past life with many questions unanswered, who was its original owner, what kind of life it lived before I discovered it, and how did it end up in a lonely drawer. The most plausible theory I have is the Rampage used to belong to my late cousin which explains why it was in my childhood home but doesn’t explain the truck’s well-loved condition since my late cousin was an action figure fan.

With the help from the awesome LaLD community, the li’l red pickup that was appropriately dubbed as the “Barnfind Rampage” triumphantly won the vote to become the next EDC car over a tough line of competitors from off-road Land Rover to track day Porsche.

A new life begins with a flight back to the states and more traveling follow suit with some trips that were exciting and then some that were just meh. Over a year has passed, with the remainder of the paint on the truck stood up well and so did the tire lettering on those Real Rider tires instead of living life in a lonely dark drawer, it has now gone to many extraordinary fun places and surrounded by a metropolis of diecasts. All this wouldn’t be possible, without the help from you guys, on behalf of the EDC Rampage I like to thank you to all for giving it the second chance it deserved.

Encounter with a Gundam
First plane trip

Just like before, I’ll continue the EDC trend and have a third new EDC with another poll created soon for everyone to vote on a lineup of cars as candidates. The EDC Rampage will still be around making cameos in future posts.

Trip through the Eisenhower Tunnel
Solar Eclipse 2017
First ever experience to Jumpstreet, both for EDC Rampage and me
This pic is so adorable I’ve got to include it again. These 2 tweeters successfully learned how to fly and went out on their own.

So goodbye EDC Rampage, it has been one fun adventure.

Or is it the end?