I briefly talked about a fascinating trip for the EDC Vega in my previous post and finally was able to go thanks to friendlier weather. For the past week or so, Taiwan has been raining cats and dogs making commuting a pain for everyone here including me, the only upside of it all was the weather was no longer cooking me alive.

From reading the title, you may have already had a guess on this post have something to do with space. You’ll be correct. Currently, at the National Taiwan Science Education Center in the Shilin District which exhibits everything from dinosaurs to the anatomy of human body is having an exhibition on our curiosity of the universe and its origin. There are over 300 items on display from replica of the moon rover to actual rocket engines used in missions.

Replica of the Apollo Command Module with the parachute mounted on the ceiling
Vega with the first stage engine of the Titan I rocket
Second stage engine
A piece of the wall/window from the protective shelter near the launch pad, look at how many layers of glass used for the window!
One of the many desks from mission control, with launch procedures still attached
The replica of the lunar rover, my favorite piece from the exhibit
A piece of the solid rocket fuel

That’s all for now, thanks for looking and I’ll come back soon with another HAWL.