I saw these guys on eBay from Taiwan and had to have them. They arrived a few days ago. I usually keep up with all of kyoshos 1/64 releases and was not aware that the Porsche collection would be rereleasd with two new casting. Well the box says Kyosho but these are not Kyosho the stamp on the chassis says Kyosho but nope these are not Kyosho.


The differences are not to subtle. The Porsche script and crest are much bigger the cast themselves are not as crisp. Not all the Kyosho Porsche casts are self assembly but all of these are. The rubber on the tires is larger. The casts of supposedly identical cars are very different. I know Kyosho is changing distributers up for their 1/64 cars but all their new offerings come in window boxes and cost more per set. My guess is these are blatant fakes sold through the 7 eleven stores in Taiwan.

The new casts are sloppy at best just look at the Rake of the wing on the GT3 ugg!!! It’s horrible and the messed up mirror on the RS3.8.

As a collector I love the fakes and am happy to have a new GT3 RS and the RS3.8 in my collection.