[TL;DR: I’m selling my Hot Wheels at $1.50 each (plus shipping), you all get first dibs before I put them on craigslist as a whole. I also included pictures of 5 humorous HW errors I’ve collected that’re for sale as well at the same price. You have one week before they go up on CL.]

It’s finally that time for me to downsize my diecast collection to a much more restrained size. I’m planning on leaving the nest in a year or two so I want to make it easier when I don’t have to take an entire collection of collectible toy cars with me. I’m still keeping a few because I really like the quality of them or I’m a fan of that vehicle, so I’ll do another short write-up later revealing the survivors.

I counted 121 run of the mill Hot Wheels, not including 5 errors that’re not in this group photo. I’ve put the errors toward the end of the article.

A vast majority of the collection are American muscle cars with some European exotics mixed in and sprinkled with a few HW fantasy cars.

Lastly, the errors! This road racing ‘68 COPO Corvette is missing the top tampo entirely! This would make for a great custom as only the side tampos need to be removed!

This (2010 casting) ‘67 GT500 has a packaging error. As you can see, the diecast has the normal chrome-style 5SP wheels but the packaging image displaying it rocking the black 5SP with a sweet bronze lip! According to the Hot Wheels wiki, the chrome 5SPs are the intended wheel for this First Edition recolor.

Another packaging error is this 2010 Mustang GT. The packaging image is of a V6 Mustang, not a GT! The GT got a noticeably different bumper than the V6. Someone was not doing their homework when they designed the artwork for this card!

Back to tampo errors, this ‘56 F-100 panel van is missing the flames on the passenger side! Again, this could be a custom starting point.

Lastly we have a wheel error. This ‘15 F-Type Project 7 has the wrong front wheel! I checked and the card doesn’t show any signs of being tampered with, same with the rivets holding the base in.

I want to make sure these have a chance to go to a good home before I sell them to what will probably be a scalper!