I know November’s come and past but there’s a reason I’m doing this now. I’d originally intended to make individual posts about all of these but the weather was not complying with my wishes. It’s been cold and rainy all the time and outside is the only place worthy of my die-cast shots. But finally, the rain has seceded, and I finally have a chance...so let’s throw it all together like so. These are the most important things that I got in November.

Greenlight 1:64 2017 Chevrolet Camaro

I’m a pretty big fan of Greenlight. Mostly due to the fact that they create casts of oddball, everyday cars. I enjoy the fact that I can have a 1:64 scale model of a Chevrolet Volt I saw on the road just yesterday, or even a Ford F150 Work Truck like my dad works with. I love the variety. Two of my most-anticipated new casts from Greenlight this year were the 2017 Camaro and the Hellcat Charger. The Charger is still waiting in the wings, but I finally got my hands on the Camaro, and I’m pleased.

Both models featured, the Anniversary Collection 50th Anniversary Camaro and the GL Muscle 2017 Camaro SS, are chock full of detail. Everything from the vents on the hood to the tiny SS badges on the back bumper, it’s all there. They also roll smooth and look great in the collection, especially next to my 5th gens.

Honestly, a lot of people complain that Greenlight has lost their way with detail, but I don’t see the issue. Sure some of the cars I’ve bought have had a few fit and finish issues but they still know how to create a good cast, and these Camaros are a true testament to that. Now, to get that Charger.

AutoWorld 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix

I love boats. Boats are awesome. They’re big, cushy, they roll across the road like no one’s business. So I congratulate AutoWorld BIG TIME for creating some of my favorite boats in 1:64 scale. In fact, they inspired me to make a collection of boats...my Malaise collection, which I’m going to show off one of these days. But, when LamleyDLM showed off the 1964 Grand Prix in one of his videos, I knew...I had to grab it.

And it was worth every single penny. This is such a gorgeous little cast. It’s true 1:64, which is a bonus, the color is great, and even in this tiny form, it has this presence that I love about it. I love to have little cars like these lying around, and I can’t wait to get more. Another solid one from AutoWorld.

And just to show you that previously-mentioned love for Malaise...

Hot Wheels Forza Motorsport Alfa Romeo Giulia Sport

Our final stop is one of a virtual nature. I do love Forza Motorsport, and I do love classic Alfa Romeos, so this one was an obvious buy. When I saw it still on the shelves at Toys R Us, I leapt at it immediately...talk about a must have.

You know, even with Hot Wheels’s Retro Entertainment/Real Riders line, there’s still this feeling of not being the pinnacle of detail and casting. However, I do like them, and they are a certain step up from the usual Hot Wheels line. So, it’s definitely welcome.