Yup, I’m back at it again. Some more hauls to finish off the week. First, Target yields the new Exotics 5-Pack at last. One of the best 5-Packs in recent memory and there’s a couple cars here that are absolute gems.

Next, Walmart delivers an Auto World Mustang Mach 1. Nice piece but with some critical flaws uncharacteristic of an AW. Let’s see what we have here...

Ok so the Mach 1. It also comes in a dark green color but seeing as how Mustangs get gobbled up by collectors quickly, I can’t wait around and hope to find another one. This one shall do...

Great, detailed casting. But as I mentioned before, some flaws that you’re not used to seeing with AW. Firstly, the ride height is all over the place. One side sits higher than the other. And in the picture below, the right rear tire doesn’t even hit the ground!

Second, some of the chrome paint on the wheels is chipped off. Not a good sign so far...

Third, something which doesn’t have to do with the car itself, is there are two large cracks in the acrylic casing! Is this really an Auto World or an M2?

Ok, so it’s not the best, but at the very least you get the details you expect. And now I can check the ‘71 Mach 1 off my list.

Next, the cars from the HW Exotics 5-pack.

I’m sure you guys have already seen these many times, so please bear with me once again!


The white Huayra is a must-have. In my opinion, the best Huayra that HW has released thus far. Not a fan of the black striping over the top, and I would have preferred to have the side skirts blacked out. Still, a fine machine.

But make no mistake; the 911 GT2 is the real star of the show.

Lime green is not something you’d normally associate with a Porsche, but it works very well here. The contrasting black and gold accents put this one over the top. It’s worth getting the 5-pack for this car alone.

Then we have the aging Lotus Esprit casting making an appearance for the 2nd year in a row.

This time, it sports a metal-casted spoiler. Which is way worse than the plastic one because of one reason: there’s no gap between the spoiler and the trunk.

Next, the Aventador J. Not a fan of this car so no comment from me.

Finally, the 8C Competizione. This was a casting that I was extremely excited about upon its mainline release last year. Once I had it in hand, I was instantly disappointed. Chunky proportions and the gigantic wheels really throw off the look. This example makes it even worse by adding gaudy orange paint and an odd vinyl over the hood.

And, I have one last thing...

Yeah, I couldn’t help it. Reviews coming soon!