The Hunt is a list of what other members are looking for to add to their collection. Many of these models are new releases or harder to find, older models. If you have something to trade, post it in the comments below.

Also, let me know what you’ve found so I can strike it from the list. I’m working off an old list, so work with me here. We should have a ton of strikeouts


Please be sure to review the official rule book for the Hot Wheels Exchange Program (HWEP) before engaging in trades.

Sn210: Nissan Custom Z (300zx), Audi R8, Maserati Quattroporte, Silvia S15, ‘33 Ford Hot Rod, ‘70 Ford Torino,’ 65 Ranchero, ‘70 Ford Escort, Lambo Aventador J, VW Caddy (orange), Tesla S, BTTFII Delorean, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, E90 BMW m3 gt2, BMW M4, ‘90 Acura NSX, Porsche 917K, Cadillac Elmirage

Punkgoose: Mystery Machine, HW mystery series 2 Old no.3, and a Green JL AMX.

Roundbadge: ZAMAC cars, Boulevard 510 or Skyline, Mooneyes 8 Crates

Group B Enthusiast: Anything from the late 90’s-early 2000’s is always welcome, Johnny Lightning, Tomica or Corgi. Hot Wheels: Zamac Mooneyes Beetle. GL Muscle Mercury Marauder. Cool Classics ‘67 Mustang.


Eddie: BMW M3 E46, Audi Wagons, Mitsubishi Evo 4,5,6,7.8,9 gens, Subaru STI hatch,Nissan R33 GTR, VW Golfs, Volvo 850R, Volvo s60, Volvo 240, Volvo Xc90, ferrari 550 or 575M, the 599XX STH

CyborgAbe: Corvettes and Chevelles, Mooneyes cars

MarvTheGrate: Any race car other than NASCAR, F1, Indy, Endurance, prototype etc. Saab. Vintage Volvo (Amazon, P1800 etc.). Vintage luxury (Delahaye, Bugatti, Deusenberg).

Philipilihp: HW Porsche 911 GT2, MBX Porsche Cayenne, MBX Porsche 914, Testarossa, F40, 250GTO, MBX Jag XJ120, MBX Alfa Giulia Sprint GTA, MBX Range Rover

Carnage: Blue Datsun 620, Nissan GTR, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 430 Challenge,Ferrari 355 Berlinetta, Lamborghini Reventon roadster, New Cool Classics Datsun 510 and Subaru Brat. Zamacs: Honda Civic,Brazilian Dodge charger and Austin Mini Van

Hotwheelsfan: Speed Machine Porsche 911 GT-1, Aston Martin DB4 Zagato

Frosted: Tomicas, Hot Wheels Toyota Supra MkIII, 1/24 scale japanese cars, Matchbox Smart Fourtwo, Matchbox Premier Ford LTD NJ State Trooper


Spridget: Matchbox Audi RS6 Avant, Hot Wheels VW Karmann Ghia, Hot Wheels ‘55 Chevy Panel, Matchbox Tesla Model S, Matchbox VW Karmann Ghia Type 34, all realistic Matchbox produced from 1998 on.

CraigOesterling: HW McLaren F1 GTR

Shop-Teacher: AutoWorlds

Alfalfa: Pagani Zonda, Pre-Ford Volvos (850 and previous), Futura/Original series Batmobile


Walfisch: Hot Wheels Fast and Furious R34 and ‘67 Ford Mustang to complete my set. Also, anything ZAMAC, and I’m also on the lookout for the Cool Classics Mix 2 (‘76 Chevette, 2010 GT 500, 240z, Subaru BRAT, 510 Bluebird).

VWJohn: HWs: Kool Kombi Super TH, 2012 VW Custom (Tooned) Beetle Super TH, Entertainment series Herbie w/ Real Riders, 1:43rd scale Herbie/Love Bug. M2 VWs: ‘54 Beetle Deluxe, black w/red sides ‘54 Beetle Deluxe/Black ‘59 Bus Deluxe, red sides w/black roof, USA model w/ white walls ‘59 Bus Deluxe, red sides, black windowed, w/white roof. ‘60 Bus Deluxe, red, white roof Greenlight: Chevy Pickup w/full size Camper, Airstream (silver) Trailer pack. ANY Greenlight Club V-Dub! Auto World: Chevy Kingswood Wagons, Ford Country Squire Wagon Micro Models: VW Beetle in decent condition Budgie: VW Pickup No. 204

Camshaft Chris: Wants

JeffSimmons: Any production vehicle in white with less tampos

Dinger’s Ghost: Pickup trucks. Especially Chevrolet/GMC.

Vinwin: Exotics from before the 2014/15 lines

Hondad: yellow Datsun 620 and Cool Classics 510

11fbwd: Hot Wheels ‘90 NSX

Enginerrrrrrr: Wants

dtg11: MBX Tesla Model S

R32rennsport: HW Vintage Racing series, HW Speed Machines, or HW Racing Muscle, Stockcar, or Roadcar series. Pre-early70’s domestic, euro, and JDM Racecars. All things Porsche.


Sir CRZ: Racecars (non nascar), Import cars (euro & japan) . All sorts of brands and scales: Tomica, JL, Corgi, Jada, HW - Elmiraj, Tesla S, 2000gt roadster, BTTF Hover, Hellcat, F-type Profect 7, 180sx, Speedhunter livery, Zamac

Nate4641: P1, Veyron, Sesto Elemento, LaFerrari, any DeLoreans/Time Machines, NSX, Alpha 4C, XJ220, 2000GT, Morgan Aeromax, Huayra.

Post want you need in the comments and let me know what I can cross out.