Tonight: A Range Rover appreciates its nasal cavities, a Karate Kid goes Back to the Future, a Ferrari gets all Gulfy, a cookie monster finally gets recognized, and an unfortunate incident leads to a fortunate epiphany. This is all ahead on this week's Live and Let Die-Cast Customs Review!

Let's go in the order above, because why the hell not.

Thanks to Benjamin Rolland I found myself with a Range Rover and in need of an idea of what to do with it. That is, until I rewatched Top Gear's Bolivia special. So behold! The first of (hopefully) three: Clarkson's Rangy.

I'm still on the hunt for a Toyota FJ and a Suzuki Samurai to complete the set. If anyone knows of any available, please let me know!

Next, the first of Carnage717's two contributions, Biff Tannen's Ford Coupe! I really like how one movie car got turned into another movie car, seeing as how this Ford started it's life as the Karate Kid car. It looks great, though, and I can't wait to see more of Carnage's BTTF creations! I really need to rewatch those movies...

Carnage717's second entry is his Gulf-liveried Ferrari LaFerrari. TheFerrari looks pretty damn good in one of TheBest racing liveries ever!

Dat ass!!

El_Uly, please accept my sincere apologies for not featuring your custom SRT/Dodge Viper in last week's episode! So here, in all it's glory, the black and improved Viper:

That thing just looks menacing in jet black! Also, very resourceful, turning to pink nailpolish! Please make more customs!!


Lastly, sometimes unfortunate things happen that lead to happier things. One of these happened last week: the Tillamook cheese company lost their three shortened VW busses to some dumb thief. But these little guys just looks so awesome, that now I want to make my Kool Kombi that I was lacking inspiration on, into one of them. And happily, Jeff Simmons volunteered to go show them to the actual Tillamook HQ! Carnage717 is probably going to jump in with another of the three Tillamook VWs, so this can turn out only one way: Amazeballs.

Thanks for reading! And please keep the customs coming. I love reliving them as I write these, as much as I hope you guys enjoy seeing them as well.


Any customs questions/comments/ideas/inspirations/complaints, please let us know in the comments below.

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