Finally received one of the much awaited parcels from the mailman, and along with it came the Freelander; the latest member of my MBX Land Rover family.

Practically all the models from the Matchbox Land Rover series are pretty good, the Defender 110 in particular with the front details and perfectly matching paintwork and wheels. The 90 is a disappointment with the awkward proportions, and does not have any detailing work as well. The Disco, although it has no detailing, is quite a decent model in itself. Then there are the Evoque and the Freelander.

Freelander conquers familiar territory

The Freelander, just like the 90, suffers from inconsistent scale; it looks massive next to the Discovery. However I cannot really complain much about this (after all they are toys, not really adult oriented collectibles) as the model in itself is quite a neat one. It has separate plastic headlamps, which is a rarity in this price point, and the paintwork looks classy with the nicely restrained tampo work. The wheels appear to be slightly oversized though.

The side mirrors appear pretty accurate, a rarity for MBXs!
It would be nice to see a fully detailed premium variant (maybe for the BoTW series), this casting has a massive potential!

It joined the LR family on a trip to backyard :D

Best 4x4x far? May be. Nevertheless, truly desirable.

Hope you enjoy the shots and the little cars. Thanks for having a look!