As you know, I have a crap-ton of mint diecasts including about a dozen and a half chases/THs/etc from all sorts of brands. In past, I've tried selling them or trading them off to help reduce the clutter at my parent's place (they're downsizing soon) and get some pocket money back but this is a little bit different. I'm not sure if we have any LaLD members/visitors on here from Japan (or anyone who's able to find this item at a not-eye-watering-price) but it's worth a try. I'm willing to trade away as many of my chases (minus the HWEP STH Greenwood, that one stays) and my other diecasts (even the 1:24 and 1:18 big boys) for a certain stupid Miata part.

Yes, that stupid part. The wooden Nardi 5-speed teardrop shift knob available from Japanese Mazda dealerships as an OEM upgrade back in 2005. This part was produced in rare amounts and commands a 100+$ premium on eBay and elsewhere. Here's the deal, I don't want anyone going out of their way just to hunt down one of these for stupid-high prices, but if you come across one in your area then I'll give you proper compensation with a ton of mint Hot Wheels, JLs, M2s, etc of your choosing. I figure I can help slim down my diecast collection while obtaining this silly shift knob that's keep me memorized for so long and in return someone receives a bunch of well cared for diecasts while cutting a few men out of the middle.


(Diecast picture was taken three years ago as a freshman at the University of South Carolina's Capstone tower, 16th floor facing east. Subject is my prized M2 Machines 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi in blue from release #2, before I swapped in a white interior and gave it the recalled Kelsey-Hayes road wheels from other M2 Mopars.)