Hi guys! There are some of my customs left from showing, but now I give you some pictures about the forgotten custom cars made by me. All of them red, and with one exception, all of them painted with brush.

Hot Wheels Scion FR-S

I always wanted a GT-86 casting, but none of the released tampoo fits my taste, so I knew I will custom one of them. Meanwhile I did, I thought I’ll try to give a shot to lift it all higher then expected. See the resolution (I wanted to make some rally style headlights, maybe I will make it later)!

Corgi DeTomaso Mangusta

Mangusta is my favourite DeTomaso, and when I found some cheap and low conditioned one last year, I bought it to restore. I swap the wheels and try to ressurect it from the dead, and meanwhile I was doing it, I get a donor one, so I had the chance to compare the enamel Revell paint and the acryl spray I bought. The enamel won.

Acryl spray paint on the left (cherry red), and enamel modell paint on the right ( italian red)

Matchbox Volkswagen Kharmann Ghia Typ34

Typ34 was on my wishlist since the beginning of my diecast collecting era, but I haven’t ever found a light blue nor the silver one. But when I bought the classic car six pack (for the wheels only, so I had donor wheels for other customs), I got the twotone blue one. The only issue with it: I didn’t like those twotone colour. I’m not really into the not-original-ish tampoos on diecast cars, that’s why almost all of my customisation is about a new, modest, simple paintwork and a new set of wheels (that’s enough for me most of the times). So I needed to repaint the Kharmann Ghia. That is the exception in these three cars, because this was painted with an airbrush, thanks to my girlfriend. This was her first attempt to paint a diecast car, and I was satisfied with the result.

Thanks for reading this long post (I assume it’s full of spelling errors :D )

Next week, I hope I will make some beautiful photos of my trip. I will share you when I come back! Cheers!