Not an overly eventful weekend as Mr.TheEngineer had to deal with some tenants who are moving out, but...

The Torchbug did help me in building out my weight room.

And then used my tools to create a 'race ramp'

And even enlisted the help of Mr.TheEngineers crazy dog (but all they did was supervise and tell me I was working too slow...)

Then we headed for the hills...

And decided to do some freeclimbing through Red Rock Canyon

The view from 4700 feet up.

(Just a little bit more of that view, we almost made it to the top [5,500 ft] but I didn't want to chance this last part without gear, the other rock face is 7,000 ft)

^The rock face I didn't want to chance. And the view of where we were.

And finally, the Torchbug decided to take a break in a little cavern I found on the way down.

And we finished out the day with a little grilling.

And relaxation