These are my James Bond ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Lotus Turbo Esprits by Corgi and by Universal Hobbies. Not sure about the exact scale of the Corgi one (it’s rather large) but the UH one is 1:43. I can’t seem to find a 1:24 scale diecast model of this Turbo Esprit. 1:18 is too large for my collection, so that I’ll write off. But these two that I have will do.

The Corgi one is quite plain. Not much in the way of detailing, save for painted taillights and front bumper lights, Lotus roundel badge, gold stripes down the rocker panels, and ‘007' number plates. Otherwise, it’s pretty plain. And don’t get me started on those ugly wheels. Too narrow and that ugly rim design.

Universal Hobbies, meanwhile, have done an excellent job trying to replicate all the 1:1 details onto a 1:43 car. This model was given out with a James Bond magazine (partworks series), so the cars have to be cheap to source. And they are really cheap feeling. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a proper 1:43 model like Minichamps. It’s not. But as a toy and replica of a movie car, it’s fine. Good detailing all round, well placed logo tampos, nicely done wheels, and even a mini figurine of Roger Moore in the drivers’ seat! So awesome!

The Lotus Esprit is a very iconic car, and I am proud to have these two models in my still-growing Esprit collection. Thank you for reading all this, and hope you guys enjoy the photos!

Till next time, ciao!

Hey, who’s that guy...?
Oh, that’s just Bond, James Bond!