It’s time to reveal the new EDC and start a new series of adventures. A week ago the community got the opportunity to vote from a lineup of 6 cars all have its own unique characteristics.

The votes among most of the candidates were neck and neck. But one of them got the competition completely cleaned, so much so that it even surprised me especially what the cast of choice.

The new EDC for 2017-2018 is *drumroll*...

The Pizza Cherokee.

This off-road juggernaut, looks like its owned by a high school teenager with bad taste in car customizing for pizza delivery is a Jeep Cherokee by Motormax.


Plans for the new series is somewhat similar showing cool spots or events I discover in my daily life but also include more food related posts to fit the cast’s theme and since its a Jeep, it also means... ORAT!

Big thanks to everyone to who contributed and help continue the series, it’s going to be a fun series. Cheers.