I couldn’t help but take a side by side photo comparison of the old and new Toyota Estimas by Tomica. I got the 1992 XR10 Estima in a flea market for only $10 (a steal, considering it was a Made In Japan model), and the newer XR50 Estima in a toy store just yesterday. The new Estima is a fresh release from Tomica for September if I’m not mistaken.

My dad used to have both the XR10 and XR20 models back when I was a wee little boy. I loved the older Estimas due to the ample room it had! Due to the engine being located underneath the driver’s seat, the Toyota designers were able to ‘push everything forward’ and in that process free up more passenger room and luggage space. Until today it is still my dream car (or van). Not too keen on the newer variant (itself an umpteenth-time facelift of a model that came out in 2006!) especially the front fascia, but if given a chance, I’d still love to own it. But to me personally, I’d have nothing but the first-generation Toyota Estima as my daily driver. Oh what a feeling it’d be.......

Both these toys are separated by 25 years, yet they have two similarities: both are red, and both have opening tailgates.

Thanks for viewing, and have yourselves a great day!