Found this vintage Corgi Juniors Volvo 245DL wagon and Lesney Matchbox caravan at a flea market, and immediately thought of pairing it with the modern counterpart, the Matchbox Volvo V60 wagon.

The vintage Corgi Volvo wagon is for sure playworn, but despite the less than stellar aesthetics, is still solid and looks like it could last forever (just like the real car hehe). The caravan by Lesney Matchbox is really heavy! Full metal body & chassis give it a nice feel. Both are made in Great Britain. What I didn’t photograph is the swiveling door on the caravan and the opening hatch on the Volvo 245... both still work well...! 

New meets old.
245DL tries on caravan for size...
It fits!
Let’s go for a stroll...! Wheeeeeeeeeeee
Not wanting to be left out, the younger Volvo wants in on some caravan action too!
I love this pic. Old and new Matchbox castings together...