I went to Walmart and Goodwill yesterday. Wally had like eight new C cases but no Supers in sight. Then I went to Goodwill not expecting to find anything and there they were: two massive bags of diecast for $3 each. These would’ve probably been taken to the back and put on their ebay store had I not gotten to them first. There are about 50 cars total, average age is 25-30 years.

First we have some lovely old Majorettes in surprisingly good condition. The Audi is a bit rough. The F40 is my favorite. :)

Some cool corgis. The BMW and Sierra Ghia are my favorites here. I have no idea what the deal is with the fireand paramedic US Vans are, I can’t find them on ebay but I see the Telecom one there.

Matchboxes. I was really pleased to find the blue Escort and the Ford Sierra XR4; we got the 1:1 in the States as the Merkur XR4Ti, double spoiler and all. I had never heard of the Connectables line until I got that Kenworth and half a Chevy stocker.

Hot Wheels here. The Pull Back N Go Chevys are really cool. The Real Riders Jeep is somewhat rare, and the Jag isn’t listed on the wiki but its 5 spoke variation is.

MC Toy is pretty cool. The Ferraris were part of a 5 car box set, I think. They became part of Maisto in the 1980s, and some of their castings became Maistos, like that Audi in the back. I wish the paint were better. A Jag that used to look like mine sold on ebay with around 75% of its paint gone. The 959 has a translucent taillight piece, a nice surprise.

Two Maistos. The other side of the Porsche is a lot better. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Maisto in that scale before, usually I just see Kinsmart.

Misc. stuff. Zee Toys VW bug circa 1983, Readers Digest brass era cars, Zylmex Ferrari 308 in red, Yatming Ferrari 512 BB (metal on metal :D), unknown maker Lotus Esprit, and an unknown maker Firebird pullback (made in Hong Kong, so definitely mid-1990s or earlier).

Lastly, a Takara Transformer named Freeway, a Lledo Bentley racer (1/43ish?), an Ertl Chevy Stocker, and a Kidco Key Car Magnum Pi Ford Fairmont-looking thing.

Best Goodwill haul ever! :D